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Welcome to our Breakup, Divorce and Domestic Abuse Resources Hub for those navigating the challenging journey of a breakup or divorce. We understand that this chapter in your life can be overwhelming, emotionally charged, and full of uncertainties so our Resources Hub is dedicated providing a wealth of resources and guidance to help you cope, heal and rebuild.

Here, you’ll find a curated collection of videos, articles, expert advice, and practical tools to assist you on your journey from heartbreak to happiness. Whether you’re seeking emotional support, tips on self-care, or guidance on managing conflict or helping your children cope, we’ve gathered a range of resources to address the various aspects of navigating a breakup or divorce.

Remember, healing is a process, and everyone’s journey is unique. Allow yourself the time and space to grieve, learn and grow. As you explore the resources on the hub, know that there is hope for a brighter future. You have the resilience to emerge from this chapter stronger, wiser and ready to embrace new beginnings.

You are not alone, and there is support here for you every step of the way.


Betrayal is one of the most painful and challenging experiences to overcome and it can cause a ripple effect across your whole world. This section contains some helpful content that will help you start to process and overcome the negative emotions you can experience with betrayal.


Some people “consciously uncouple” and others “aggressively sever”. Conflict can be a tough situation to manage but there are strategies you can use to reduce and manage conflict with your ex. Whether you’re co-parenting, sharing responsibilities, or simply seeking a peaceful resolution, you will find resources on this page to help.


If you have children it’s natural to feel worried about how your breakup or divorce will impact them.  However breakup or divorce doesn’t have to damage kids. Use the resources on this page to help you guide your child throughout the breakup process to minimise any impact.


Dating can seem like a daunting prospect for many people recovering from a breakup or divorce as you will naturally be scared of getting hurt all over again. Your confidence and self-esteem is likely to be low and this can hold you back, however dating can actually be a real ego boost!  Here are some tips and advice to see if you’re ready to get started and dip your toe into the dating game.


In this section you will find strategies to help you cope with heartbreak and the emotional effects of your breakup. Whilst there is no magic wand to take away all the pain, these tools will help you to manage the emotional challenges you are facing.

No Regrets

If you are considering ending your relationship it’s important to get clarity about whether it really is the right decision for you so you don’t end up having regrets. In some cases it will be very clear cut and there will be no doubt that splitting up is the only way forward. In other situations there may not be as much clarity. The content on this page will help you ensure you are clear about your reasons for getting out of the relationship to help make sure you don’t end up with any regrets.

Taking Back Control

In order to survive and thrive after your breakup or divorce it’s important to take back your control and build your confidence and self-reliance. Here you’ll find useful resources to get unstuck, feel better and move forward positively.

Toxic Relationships

Conflict is normal and to be expected in any relationship, in fact some level of disagreement is healthy. However, there is another level of conflict that is toxic and unhealthy – abuse. There are many forms of abuse including physical, emotional, sexual or financial.  This section will help you understand if you’re in a toxic relationship, the different types of abuse and details of where you can find support.