How do you celebrate your children’s birthdays if you don’t have them on their actual birthday? This is something that I see all the time where if your divorce, maybe your child’s birthday doesn’t fall on your day. Maybe it’s your ex’s day so you’re not actually going to see your child on their actual birthday. Now let’s face it, as parents we never sign up to that, right?

But when you go through a divorce quite often this happens. And not just birthdays but other special days like Christmas and other things too. So what can you do to take your power back? Well I always do this. I always create the birthday, all the Christmas, on a different weekend.

So for example last weekend wasn’t my son’s birthday but it was the closest weekend that I had to his actual birthday. So we just celebrated his birthday that weekend. So I did all the same things. To just create it, it doesn’t matter about the date, what matters is creating those magic moments. Which is what birthdays are all about, especially for kids. So you can still do the cake and have the family over and organising eyes and get together for friends. I put little happy birthday signs up round the house.

So we acted as if it was his actual birthday. So he had all those magic moments, I got to share them with him which was amazing.(…) And then on his actual birthday he’ll get it again but at his dad’s house. So for him it’s a double whammy. So for kids they get two parties, two celebrations, they love it. They’ll take their leave from us. So if we’re happy and we’re excited they will be too. So it’s a win-win for everyone. Try it, it really works.