Heartbreak is like an emotional life quake. It rocks the strongest of us and can feel like a real physical pain. We are essentially giving up an addiction to our partner which will mean we feel an acute sense of loss of connection and also the novelty and sparkle they brought to our life. To move forward and heal we need to find other ways to fill those gaps, sometimes a big intervention like a complete change of environment can be just what is needed. 

It’s important to know that you can’t skip the healing process by stuffing emotions down as they will just resurface at a later date or in other ways, such as stress, emotional outbursts or even illness. So taking time to work through the grief will be the fastest way to recovery. 

It’s time to shake things up and do them differently which is why travelling can be a real remedy for a broken heart. A change of scene is a really empowering way to take time out as well as have new experiences that distract you from your breakup. Meeting new people and also finding new opportunities all boost your positivity about life post breakup and being single again. 

It’s important to choose the right kind of trip that is going to be restorative and give you time for reflection too. Research shows that being in nature renews our spirits and encourages us to look beyond our immediate circumstance. It allows us to process difficult feelings in a judgement free zone enabling us to regulate our emotions and find our natural balance again.  

A popular travel destination for my clients after a breakup is Le Sport, St Lucia which as well as being in a stunning natural environment with volcanoes, white sandy beaches and turquoise sea teaming with fish, they also cater for solo travellers. They have their own table at dinner and a meet up in the bar every evening so you don’t have to be on your own if you would like company. There are also lots of different activities to suit everyone from yoga, snorkelling, massage and fitness classes. 

The good news is that research by Maguire Family Law found that 65% of divorcees said they had a greater appreciation and outlook on life. Also 56% said travel and holidays improved post-divorce so this shows that travel really can help to heal a broken heart.